Advantage analysis of laser cutting machine

Advantage analysis of laser cutting machine

2022-08-15 19:18:03 admin

The current processing equipment has low efficiency and large loss. We want to update the process but dare not guarantee the stability of the new process. The production of laser cutting machine has made a great breakthrough in the production and processing of metal materials. The design principle of the laser cutting machine is to use the focused high-power laser beam to direct the product workpiece, so that the illuminated material can quickly melt, vaporize, burn or reach the ignition point. At the same time, the molten chemical substances can be blown away by the rapid cyclone that is coaxial with the light, so as to separate the product workpiece. Laser cutting belongs to one of the thermal cutting methods. Many customers in the processing industry or machinery industry are in the transition period of new and old equipment. Compared with the waste heat cutting method, the actual advantages of laser cutting can be summarized as the following levels:

1、 High cutting accuracy

Because the laser spot is small, the energy is high, and the cutting speed is faster, the laser cutting can obtain good cutting quality.

① The laser cutting wound is narrow, the two sides of the slit are parallel and vertical to the surface, and the overall dimension accuracy of the cutting parts is high.

② The cutting surface is clean and beautiful, and the surface roughness is only a few tens of microns. Even laser cutting can be used as the next process flow without machining and manufacturing, and parts can be applied immediately.

③ After laser cutting of raw materials, the total width of the thermal hazard zone is not large, and the characteristics of the data around the slit are hardly affected. Moreover, the thermal deformation of the product workpiece is small, the cutting is high-precision, the three-dimensional geometry of the slit is good, and the slit cross-section is relatively standard rectangular.

2、 Cutting efficiency

Because of the transmission characteristics of laser, the laser cutting machine is generally equipped with several numerical control operating tables, and the whole cutting process can complete the numerical control. In actual operation, it is only necessary to change the numerical control program flow, and it can be applied to the cutting of different parts. It can carry out two-dimensional cutting and complete three-dimensional cutting.

3、 Faster cutting speed

Taking Ican-laser intelligent steel structure special laser cutting machine as an example, its laser cutting speed is 300% higher than that of plasma. Moreover, the raw materials do not need to be clamped and fixed during laser cutting, which can not only save the fixture tooling, but also save the auxiliary time of feeding and cutting, and greatly improve the output.

4、 Non contact cutting

During laser cutting, the cutting torch does not touch the product, and there will be no damage of special tools. It is not necessary to replace the "laser head" in the production and processing of parts with different styles, but only to change the main input and output parameters of the laser. The whole process of laser cutting has low noise, small vibration and zero pollution.

5、 There are many types of cutting raw materials

Compared with oxyacetylene cutting and low-temperature plasma cutting, there are many types of laser cutting raw materials, including metal materials, non-metal materials, metal materials, naphthenic non-metal material matrix composite materials, leather products, wood and chemical fibers. However, different raw materials mainly show different laser cutting adaptability due to their different thermal process performance and laser digestibility.

6、 Easy operation

The new generation of laser cutting machines are all computer numerical control, remote operation. After the cutting drawing is imported, it will work automatically. Basically, one or two keys can complete all the actions, which is very simple and reduces the labor cost. In addition, many equipment are equipped with automatic feeding and unloading, which is more convenient.

7、 Low use cost

One of the biggest advantages of using laser cutting machine is low use cost and low maintenance cost, which is very beneficial to the enterprise economy. And it takes less time to maintain, so more time can be spent on cutting products to further improve production. In terms of use cost, because the cutting efficiency is significantly ahead of other processes, the relative cost will be much lower, which is more conducive to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

To sum up, from the perspective of market development, the laser production, processing and sales market continues to grow. Under the situation of low macroeconomic policies and industrial production requirements, the laser production and processing weapons and equipment still maintain a stable increase in the business scale of the field by virtue of their work requirements in the high-end production, processing and sales market. In the technical field, compared with the traditional CNC lathe cutting, processing and other heat treatments, It has a variety of technical advantages and conforms to the requirements of high precision, low damage and high efficiency in the high-end production, processing and sales market.