Operation process of laser cutting machine

Operation process of laser cutting machine

2022-08-15 17:57:46 admin

Metal material is an important product in the manufacturing industry. If we want to make full use of this material, we must use the equipment to cut and shape it. Laser cutting machine is an important mechanical equipment in the metal forming industry. Compared with other types of cutting machines, the laser cutting machine has a high degree of automation, a wide range of applications, and higher cutting efficiency and precision. Therefore, it is widely welcomed in the manufacturing industry.

As a sharp tool for metal cutting, laser cutting machine needs to master its working principle and operating steps if it wants to give full play to its working efficiency. Today, we will learn how to operate the laser cutting machine together.

The working principle of the metal laser cutting machine is not difficult to understand. The laser cutting machine irradiates the workpiece with the focused laser beam with high power rate and high energy density, so that the irradiated material can melt, vaporize, ablate or reach the ignition point quickly. At the same time, the molten material can be blown away by the high-pressure and high-speed air flow coaxial with the beam, so as to cut the workpiece.

To operate the metal laser cutting machine, the following steps are usually required:

1. Turn on the working circuit of each part, including the main power switch, voltage stabilizer, fiber laser power switch, air compressor, air circuit valve, cold dryer, etc., to ensure that the power supply system of each part is normal;

2. Test run the machine to confirm that the machine operates stably and that the limit and emergency buttons are firm;

3. Place the material to be cut on the cutting table of the machine tool stably, and at the same time, operate the computer screen of the console, input the product material thickness and other parameters, and import the pattern into the machine;

4. Control the movement of each axis through the functions in the menu, and adjust the cutting position to the appropriate position of the plate;

5. Select appropriate nozzles and lenses and check them to ensure that their appearance and cleanliness are in good condition; Adjust the cutting head to the appropriate cutting focus position through the direction keys on the panel;

6. Select the suitable cutting gas according to the cutting demand, and check whether the spraying state is good;

7. Start the laser and machine tool to test cut the metal raw materials, observe whether the section is smooth and whether the cutting accuracy is accurate. If there is any deviation, adjust the equipment parameters until the proofing meets the requirements; Then the equipment automatically starts cutting according to the input parameters and patterns;

8. During the cutting process, the staff must be present. If there is an emergency that requires quick response, the staff should press the brake button quickly;

9. After cutting, pay attention to checking the cutting accuracy and quality of products;

In addition, after the fiber laser cutting machine is used, the machine needs to be shut down to reduce the failure of the fiber laser and increase the service life of the machine. The specific operations are as follows:

(1) Turn off the laser.

(2) Turn off the chiller.

(3) Turn off the gas and vent the gas from the pipe.

(4) Lift the z-axis to a safe height, turn off the numerical control system, and seal the nozzle with transparent glue to prevent dust from polluting the lens.

(5) Clean the site and record the operation of the cutting machine on that day. In case of any fault, timely record it so that the maintenance personnel can diagnose and repair it.

(6) When the laser cutting machine is idle, the staff shall ensure that the equipment is clean, regularly clean the guide rails, wipe the rack of the equipment, and apply lubricating oil.

It is worth noting that when operating the metal laser cutting machine, in addition to strictly following the operating procedures, personal protection should also be done. For example, when near the laser beam, protective glasses that meet the requirements should be worn to avoid unnecessary risks. If it is a novice operation, you must consult all relevant instructions or take the post after being trained by professional personnel. Do not use or operate arbitrarily.