High-power Bevel Laser Cutting Machine 12000-30000W

High-power Bevel Laser Cutting Machine 12000-30000W

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  • Product Name: High-power Bevel Laser Cutting Machine 15000-30000W
  • Brand: ICAN LASER
  • Model: 15000-30000W
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Packing way: Wooden case/wooden pallet




Laser Source

Fiber laser sources(optional)


2560  /  2580

Power of Laser

15000W  / 20000W / 30000W

Max. Cutting Speed

Depending on the material and its thickness

Repositioning Accuracy


Total Electrical Consumption

<115kw  /  <150kw  /  <200kw 

Power supply



16,500mm*6,000mm for cutting 2,500mm*6,000mm


 Accurate control of gas consumption,with low use cost and quick return on investment.

◆ Fully enclosed protect cabin, comply with national safety standards.

 Equipped with high-torque servo motor and high-precision imported reducer,with high efficiency, 

    good dynamic characteristics, and high cutting precision.

◆ Safe and reliable active defense system, anti-collision protection, intelligent stroke control 

   and intelligent alarm function.

◆ Can cut± 45° bevel, support V / X / Y / K bevel types.

◆ Customized bus control system, integrated high-efficiency nesting software,cutting program 

   will be faster and more conveniently.

Upgradable to connect to robots,bending,welding machines and etc, the system is  perfectly compatible with MES or ERP system 

as well and can also be connected to IoT cloud platform. Customers can sign in the cloud and access to fast responded after sales 

service. Solutions can be  provided to customers timely and efficiently. Customers can visualize and manage their orders,

pre- quotation,production, process, delivery, salary etc thanks to the system.